by Antonio Mercurio 

Just as a tree transforms energy (it transforms light energy into chemical energy), and synthesizes energy (it makes a synthesis of the energy it takes from the earth with the energy it captures from the sky), and is a creator, a condenser, and a transmitter of energy (it produces flowers, fruit and seeds and also produces oxygen that keeps the whole ecosystem alive), human beings too, if they want, can transform, synthesize, create, condense and transmit energy.

Human beings, in fact, transform biochemical energy and mechanical energy in energy that is relational, individual and cultural; they make syntheses, both within themselves and outside themselves, of all the types of energies that are present on earth; they produce every type of handiworks; they create every type of family, social and cultural works, particularly those works that we call artistic and that are true centers of energy condensation. This energy then transmits and radiates without end into time and space.

But while trees must only follow the laws of nature, and don’t have to go through any type of internal conflict and strife, this is not true for human beings.

At birth, human beings are reactive beings, governed by the law of action-reaction and stimulus-response. There are those who remain that way for their whole lives, devouring energy and not creating one iota of it.

But there are those, instead, who want to become persons, and they individuate and differentiate themselves from the crowd. They manage to break away from the law of action-reaction, and to elevate to the spiritual dimension which is the realm of those who transcend reactions so they can live following values, virtues and ideals, and pursue their goals.

Reactive human beings transform themselves, and become capable of planning and creating.

This type of human being is capable of transforming and synthesizing the energy that exists in nature, and is then also capable of creating a type of energy that does not exist in nature.

We would like to call this very particular type of energy the soul  and we would like to define it as follows:

“The soul is a field of energy, both material and immaterial, of freedom, love, truth and beauty, that is created day by day; it condenses and is concentrated around a central nucleus, that is the I of the single person, or the I of a people, because this is the goal that the individual or the people has given themselves, and they have given their lives to realize this goal”.

Works of art are such because they have a soul: and they have a soul because the artists that created them, through a painful and ingenious process of materialization and dematerialization, have been capable of putting an energy into these works that they did not have previously.

Every work of art is a field of energy, where material and spiritual forces combine to create a form of life that is superior to the natural-biological life, because it is a life form that is no longer subject to the law of death and enthropy.

Not all populaces have a soul or have been able to create one for themselves, Those that manage to do so develop and prosper, and those that don’t manage die off and disappear forever.

A populace can be distinguished from another one through the type of culture it manages to create and through the soul that it has managed to infuse in its culture.

Experts say that humanity is moving towards a terrible conflict between cultures; between those that have a soul and those that don’t have one, because their only value is money.

The fear that the West no longer has a soul is well-founded, because the one it had has revealed itself as being incapable of resisting the tests of time.

We have been working for a long time to create centers of energy that are capable of offering a new soul to the West of tomorrow; a soul that is capable of resisting the massive invasion of cultures that are different from ours, or before the kinds of barbarity that is advancing, not from the confines of the empire, but from within us.

We ask you to unite your strength with ours.

We ask you to ask yourselves if our goal is also your goal; if the kind of uneasiness and unhappiness that you feel inside is maybe more of a potent stimulus that is pushing you to step out of ignorance and laziness, or out of the depression and desperation that surround you on all sides, than an illness that must be cured; we ask you to consider if perhaps you don’t want to become transformers, creators and transmitters of the kind of energy that does not fear death, time or space, because it offers life and it continually regenerates it.

To become PERSONS and ARTISTS of one’s own life and of the life of the universe is our goal.

This project is impossible, and it can only become possible with the choral help of a group.

A goal of unification of the human being within him or herself and between human beings and the life of the cosmos.

We call those who are capable of freely loving themselves, loving others and receiving love Persons.

We call Artists those who are capable of making their own lives into a work of art and who, together with others, transforms groups of people who are completely unknown to each other into a single living organism that is capable of creating truth and beauty according to the laws of life.

Persons who are Artists of their lives and of the life of the universe can give rise to a new people: a populace that has a soul, a soul made up of the energy of love and the energy of art, that knows how to face pain and death and transform them into a source of perennial life.

Our dream  is that the West and all of the Planet Earth can become a single living organism made up of Persons capable of putting truth and beauty in first place, rather than money and power; Persons who are capable of choosing life as a gift and not as theft, life as a work of art and not as violence.

And then we have an even greater dream.

We all know by now that trees and forests are necessary for the development of life on earth, but why do human beings exist? To destroy life on earth? By now it is certain that human beings have this power, but we also know that we have not only the power to destroy, we have the power to create as well. And if human beings are not capable to create “scent-giving flowers” like trees are, they are nonetheless capable of creating a type of immortal beauty that does not die like the beauty of flowers when they wilt: human beings can create the beauty of life as a work of art, which never fades.

Perhaps the Universe needs this beauty so as not to die, and, perhaps, human beings are necessary to the Universe for the creation of this beauty, because only this kind of beauty can give the universe a soul that will render it immortal.

If there has been life and there will be death; if there was a Big Bang and there will eventually be a Big Crunch, what difference does it make?

Only one thing is important: that, before it passes through the natural cycle from life to death, the universe has had the time necessary to create for itself an immortal soul, that will continue to exist along with those who have created it, beyond the physical spaces of this universe.

In this case the Universe will not have existed in vain, and all the pain that human beings must go through will have not been in vain, either. And we will see that all of the art that has been created up until now has had an even deeper, hidden meaning, that can now be revealed: to prepare the way for human beings to become one day artists of their own lives, and artists of the life of the Universe.



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