Articles and Publications

Click here for an excellent explanation of the role of the Counselor in Existential Personalistic Anthropology by Dr. Bruno Bonvecchi.

Books by Antonio Mercurio

Antonio Mercurio has authored more than 10 books in Italian, and many have been translated into English (by Martha S. Bache-Wiig), Spanish and Russian.

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Other books in translation can be found on Amazon (click on the title to be taken to the purchase page):

Love and the Person – A Theory on the Couple Relationship. An exploration of how learning to love oneself while loving another and receiving love brings us to our highest spiritual development.

Theory of the Person and Existential Personalistic Anthropology – Do we really know what we are saying, when we use the word PERSON? In this book Antonio Mercurio proposes the following definition: “A PERSON is a unifying spiritual principle granted with freedom and identity; it is an end unto itself and to no one else, and its principle elements are the ability to love him or herself and the ability to love others”.

The Cosmo Art Dialogs – what is the purpose of pain, and what happens with the energy we create when we transform ourselves, our relationships, our lives? The discussions in this book explores a revolutionary new way of looking at the purpose of human life within the life of the Cosmos.