Whole-Person Counseling and Coaching

with International Existential Counselor and Coach Martha S. Bache-Wiig

Private counseling and educational services to help you increase your ability to live your life with love, creativity and purpose.

While sharing some of the basic tenets of general counseling psychology and humanistic and existential psychotherapeutic methods, this approach offers some unique ideas that help focus not only on the “whys” of our wounds and how to heal them,  but also on the new directions our healing can take us in our lives. Whole-person counseling and coaching means that every aspect of our unique being – our minds, our bodies, and our deeper, spiritual selves, which holds the secret to our most fundamental purposes in life – are taken into account.

The first goal is to become a Person and improve the quality of our relationships – beginning with the one we have with ourselves – and the overall quality of our own lives, so we can in turn contribute to the wellbeing of others and of Life itself in our own unique way.

A Person in this approach is “someone who is capable of freely and responsibly loving themselves, loving others and being loved” (Antonio Mercurio); the goal at MBW LifeArt Consulting is to help people make the transition into this deeper, more fulfilling and more intentional way of living.

We also encourage the development of a completely different attitude towards the purpose of the kinds of challenges we can face, from the earliest beginnings of our existence in the womb, onward.

Rather than see ourselves as helpless victims of a very unfortunate and sometimes cruel fate that has wounded us, we can see ourselves as Artists of our lives, capable of taking even painful experiences and creating something completely new from them, such as new levels of self-awareness, love of self, respect for one’s unique qualities and contributions, to name just a few.

The idea of transforming our pain to create something new, something more vibrant and alive and beautiful for ourselves and others, is what informs our quest to become Artists of our lives, and to thus make our very life a work of art.

Any art takes practice, and knowing this can help us challenge the ideas we can often have that we should “already be perfect”, which fosters a condemning atmosphere of power and control, both within ourselves and in our relationships with others. As we open to new ways of caring for ourselves, including embracing even our most painful losses, challenges and personal limitations as opportunities for an increase in how we love and care for ourselves, new horizons appear, where peace and harmony in ourselves, our families, and our societies becomes a real possibility.

Life as a Work of Art means becoming willing to patiently learn how to work with the energies both inside of us and around us, so we can experience life more fully and give the very best of ourselves as the Persons we are here to be and become. The idea is that Life itself is moving in this direction, and as we become intentionally engaged with this evolutionary force, not only can we experience greater joy and beauty in our own lives, but we can help create it for others to experience, as well.

This is more of an inner, psycho-spiritual journey than a process of trying to understand what is wrong with us, and how to “fix” it. As we learn more about our own lives and how to care for them, the effects our increasing ability to act as Persons and Artists of our lives can be truly extraordinary. It is not an easy process, because there is no “one size fits all”, there is no one way that each one of us is here to heal and to grow. 

But it is a truly fascinating one, that, just like with any craft, we become better with, day after day, one small step at a time.


This is done through individual and group sessions, as well as through workshops, seminars and classes on specific topics.

Some of the tools implemented in sessions with Martha at MBW LifeArt Consulting include:

– traditional talk therapy, enhanced by the ever-evolving knowledge offered by neuroscience, including awareness of the longterm effects of PTSD and complex developmental PTSD, recognition of different levels of sensitivity (including the Highly Sensitive trait as described by Dr. Elaine Aron) and neurodiversity;

– creative visualization and meditation techniques;

– elements of art therapy and cognitive processing, such as mind-mapping, relational visualizations and mapping, journaling, use of vision boards etc.;

Systemic Family Constellations work, done individually and in groups;

– Evolutionary Astrology and Human Design readings;

Forest bathing

– emotional/somatic awareness and energy awareness techniques gleaned from approaches such as Psych-K, Pranic Healing, Reiki