Martha S. Bache-Wiig

About Martha S. Bache-Wiig

International Existential Counselor and Coach

 A native of Wisconsin in the USA, Martha moved to Italy as a young adult. She became a certified clinical psychologist there in 2000 and specialized in an approach called Existential Personalistic Anthropology/Cosmoartistic Anthropology, developed by Prof. Antonio Mercurio and collaborators at the Sophia University of Rome.

First developed in the 1970s, this approach was groundbreaking in its acknowledgement of the importance of recognizing the spiritual dimension of human beings along with the psychological and physiological ones. It offers a unique perspective on the meaning of human pain and struggle, as well as innovative solutions to help people not only heal from traumatic family and personal histories, but gain deeper insight and forge greater meaning in their lives, their relationships, their work.

Upon her return to the United States, Martha worked closely with Antonio Mercurio from 2010-2016 to translate many of his books and articles so his thought could be shared in the English language. She is the first person in the United States to be actively offering services with this approach as a foundation. 

This approach does not focus on diagnosing mental illness; it instead aims at understanding where our traumas may be blocking us from a fuller, more authentic life expression, and at developing new levels of inner and outer freedom, love of self, and existential purpose. 

Martha incorporates a unique combination of tools and approaches in her work with clients to acheive this end, based on their particular needs in the moment and their personal inclinations. Some of these are:

– traditional talk therapy (incorporating psychodynamic, cognitive behavioral and “coaching” principles and exercises, insights gained from neuroscience and growing understanding of neurodiversity and high sensitivity as a trait);

– innovative group approaches such as Onirodrama (dream work drawing on elements of Psychodrama and Bioenergetics, developed by Drs Bruno Bonvecchi and Ombretta Ciapini) and Family Constellations;

– techniques to increase somatic awareness and interoception – the ability to perceive oneself, one’s thoughts, emotions, and physical being – such as guided/creative visualization, meditation, and other grounding and sensing exercises;

– alternative energy methods such as Pranic Healing, Reiki and Psych-K;

– elements of art/creative therapeutic approaches, including vision boards, mind-mapping, and Cinematherapy;

– Evolutionary Astrology and Human Design.

The goal of all work with Martha is to help you develop the tools you need to know and love yourself and become ever more integrated, empowered and autonomous in your healing and growth process.

Martha has worked with clients from around the world, and considers her work with others an integral part of her own path of continual healing, growth and creation of her Life as a Work of Art. She is deeply appreciative to her clients for the wonderful opportunity to continue to grow and serve through her work with them.

Martha is also a musician and a writer, and her creative activities nurture her counseling work, and vice versa. She remains deeply connected to Italy and in particular to the Calabria region, where she lived for 24 years, where her two children were born and raised, and where she continues to maintain important personal and professional relationships. She is in the process of developing Personalized Experiential / Full Immmersion Intercultural Travel opportunities for those interested in exploring the southernmost region of the Italian peninsula in an intimate and off-the-beaten track way.