Existential Personalistic / Cosmoartistic Anthropology is a theory and method developed by Antonio Mercurio and collaborators in the Institutes and Centers affiliated to Sophia University of Rome, in Italy and throughout Europe, Russia, Asia, and now in the USA at MBW LifeArt Consulting, also known as the International Center for the Development of the Person. 

It incorporates certain basic principles and techniques, such as talk therapy, group therapeutic approaches, and experiential methods  developed in such fields as psychoanalysis, analytical psychotherapy,  humanistic psychology and psychotherapy, and the utilization of creative exploration/the arts.

It underlines the importance of taking into account the whole person – conscious and unconscious mind, body and spirit – while offering innovative and important ways of thinking of the meaning of human life, death and immortality.

This approach emphasizes focusing not so much on our traumas and pain as pathologies we must either ‘cure’ or ‘fix’, but as precious energies that nudge us to evolve into more being.

Practitioners in this approach undergo many years of theoretical and practical training before acquiring their diploma, and their own growth is a foundation for how they later understand and help others. 

Download your gift of "Hypotheses on Ulysses"

Antonio Mercurio shows how Ulysses’ epic journey can offer wisdom about how to heal our traumas and grow into Persons capable of loving ourselves and others, creating Beauty and contributing to Life in new ways.

Translated into English by Martha S. Bache-Wiig

As Antonio Mercurio says, “the purpose of pain is to create”; our wounds from the past can actually be seen as powerful motors that push us do the work necessary to integrate our I Person (psychological, and corporeal dimensions) and become ever more attuned to our Personal Selves.

As we become conscious of the various forms of conditioning we are each subject to, and of our own reactions to them that are so often unhealthy for ourselves and others, we can learn to transform them, bit by bit, by accessing the love and wisdom found in the Personal Self, and living in ever more authentic and creative ways.

We can stop feeling like Victims and become Artists of our lives and of Life itself. By learning the art of embracing all of our experiences and personal characteristics as elements that can be integrated into a coherent whole, we create ever new ways of being and interacting and renewing beauty, truth, love and wisdom for ourselves and others.

As we become ever more fully integrated in our individual Artistic I, we are called to take things a step further, and to become conscious participants in the evolution of the Universe itself. 

 Cosmoartistic Anthropology is the name given to the complete body of A. Mercurio’s thought. It embraces all of the earlier approaches developed within the Sophia University of Rome throughout the years, and emphasizes the development of an ever fuller expression as individual human beings by offering a context in which to cultivate our ability to work together as precious cells within the great organism which we are all a part of.

Our ability to create primary beauty, the beauty of life expressed through psychological and physical wellbeing and the ability to enjoy it is only a first step; Cosmo Art encourages us to create secondary beauty, a type of material and immaterial energy that can only be created through the conscious choice made by two or more human beings to activate their ability to love freely and responsibly, and that responds to both the human and the cosmic desire to overcome the endless cycles of life and death, and obtain immortality.

Mercurio sees Homer’s The Odyssey and the story of Ulysses and Penelope described there as a book of wisdom that offers precious information as to how to create secondary beauty, by creating glorious concordance, the highest form of creative love that a couple can achieve.

One of his groundbreaking works, Hypotheses on Ulysses, takes a penetrating look at the story of Ulysses and Penelope in a new light that can serve as a beacon for men and women today.

Hypotheses on Ulysses can be downloaded above as a gift to you from Antonio Mercurio, and other books by Antonio Mercurio are available on Amazon in Kindle format, both in Italian and in English.