Counseling and Coaching for Couples

When we fall in love and begin to have a relationship with someone, we never suspect that sooner or later down the line we will be faced with pain and conflict within our relationship. But, once the excitement of falling in love begins to wear off, one of the fundamental realities of relationship emerges: that we bring into all our relationships, and especially our intimate partnerships, all of our “baggage” from our past.

All of a sudden our “perfect partner” does not look so perfect! We begin to see not only their flaws, but we bump up against our own unresolved wounds, that we may be carrying with us since early childhood and that we have not yet had the opportunity to truly heal. 

We also start running into some problems based on the simple fact that we are two very different human beings, with our own wants, likes, and often gender-specific ways of thinking and dealing with relationships and life in general.

At this point, couples often start fighting, or they begin to close off, each one into themselves. They may stay together, because they truly do love each other, and they also have obligations, plans and perhaps families that they have built together; but they stop communicating on a deep level, because perhaps they want to avoid conflict, or they simply do not know how to talk about how they are feeling, what they need and want. Sometimes, one of the partners begins to look elsewhere for the excitement and connection that seems now so hard to experience within the relationship.

No matter what might be happening in the “outside”, it can be confusing and heartbreaking for both partners to realize that it is getting harder and harder to feel that old connection and the “spark” that came with it.

Today’s men and women both want to build relationships that can allow them to step beyond their traumas and conditioning and bring them deep connection and fulfillment, but many of us don’t know how to achieve the kind of intimacy and mutual support that we long for. 

We are also living in a time where the whole dynamic between men and women is changing rapidly, and we can feel that we are without role models who can offer us new ways of creating solid partnerships, where we can develop both the love and connection and the freedom of expression and self-development that we all need.

Couples counseling and coaching sessions with Martha S. Bache-Wiig help you learn new ways of communicating and interacting so you can develop deeper, more authentic ways of connecting with each other.

You will also be encouraged to work through unresolved pain and resentment that may be standing in the way of your desire to create a truly fulfilling love relationship, and set new, realistic goals that can help you learn how to walk beside each other with new respect, love, and intimacy.

All couples are welcome and can find the kind of caring support they need to develop better communication skills and a new definition of love that can be healthier and more nurturing for both partners.

Martha’s experience with multicultural environments also make her an excellent counselor and coach for couples where there are cultural, racial, linguistic and/or ethnic mixes.

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