Individual Counseling and Coaching Sessions

Individual LifeArt counseling and coaching sessions with Martha S. Bache-Wiig use a combination of talk therapy and innovative experiential methods to help you work through conflict, confusion and trauma in your life and relationships, so you can begin to create the life you truly desire – and deserve! 

In sessions with Martha, you will first get clearer about who you are and what you truly want and need, not only in your inner life, or your personal life with family and friends, but also in your career and in your desire to expand and live in ever more creative and fulfilling ways.

Business and financial coaching is also available, that can help you get on track with becoming self-supporting in ways that are empowering for you while helping you become ever more effective in interacting with others.

As you learn how to take care of yourself in more loving ways, you become more integrated and attuned with your True Self, and new visions, directions and desires may emerge. Martha can guide you along the way, and help you begin to trust those deep inner urgings that draw you forward into becoming ever more … Alive!

two people empathetically touching each others' hands

 The different tools you learn will help you gain strength so that you become ever more confident, independent and sure in your life, work and relationship choices.

The goal is not some abstract idea of perfect “health”: it is, instead, to develop your ability to learn to deeply love and appreciate your own individual journey, to care for yourself so you can express your gifts and enjoy your life, and to connect with others in ever more balanced, respectful and mutually supportive ways

None of us learn how to live fully and lovingly all on our own, and even when we have grown up in relatively supportive families, there can be times when we need new ideas, new energies, new directions. When, instead, we have experienced lack or trauma in our early lives, we need help to process our wounds and grow past them, not by negating their effects on us, but by understanding the wisdom they have allowed us to develop, and how we can apply that to our lives today.

Sessions generally last one hour, although when necessary longer sessions can be arranged. These can be carried out either in person or by phone/video conferencing.

A first session is dedicated to assessing your situation, gaining clarity about your goals and making a plan as to how many sessions per week or month can be most helpful to you and responsive to your needs and wishes at the moment

Martha recommends thinking of doing a minimum of two sessions per month for three months of sessions in the beginning, to be able to get clear on what your needs are and to develop some consistency in both applying the new tools you will be learning during your sessions. Discounts are offered for ongoing sessions, to encourage establishing a rhythm that enhances the effectiveness of the work. These are things that can be discussed during the first session, to find the kind of frequency that feels most appropriate.

Periodical “check-ins” are made (at least once every 3 months), to assess progress and determine whether or not changes in frequency can be helpful.

Remember: you are truly the most important person in your own life, and investing in your “whole-person” healing and growth will bring you returns for the rest of your life. 

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