Counseling and Coaching for Families

Families are our “first group”: they are the first place where we learn how to interact with other people in a group setting.

All parents and families have the goal of offering a safe environment for their members to be able to grow into maturity and hopefully thrive, but most families encounter many struggles along the way. Often times abuse and neglect are experienced by one or more members of the family, due to the kinds of primordial dynamics that we are all subject to, whether we are aware of them, or not.

For this reason, family counseling and coaching sessions, with all members of the family group, can be extremely helpful in helping the whole group learn new ways of interacting with each other.

If one or more member of your family is struggling or suffering, it is important to keep in mind that this is a signal that the whole family has some problems that, if addressed, can help not only the one(s) who are struggling, but all the other members as well.

Martha has specific training in family dynamics, and is particularly intuitive and insightful in helping family groups shift out of unhealthy interactions, into ones that are more loving, kind and nurturing for all.

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