Creating New Ways of Being – Together!

a small group of people holding up the moon

Group – or Choral – work helps us learn how to work together in a mutually compassionate, respectful and creative way, developing the ability to create Choral Energy that can support the individual in his or her personal goals while emitting positive, transformational energy that benefits the entire group and the community we live in, as well.

Some of the benefits are:

– giving and receiving support and compassion without judgment, attachment or the need to control.

– connection with others while learning what healthy boundaries look and feel like.

-practice interacting in new ways that make you feel empowered, whole, and ever more true to yourself – so you can bring that into all your interactions with others and your important relationships in your “real life”. 


I use Family Constellations work a lot in my individual sessions, and I am now offering also some opportunities to experience this wonderful approach within a group setting, which adds a whole new layer of “magic”!

Go to the Family Constellations Workshops page for information on dates and pricing. 

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