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Yasei Shinrin Yoku –

“Wild” Forest Bathing

Southern Kettle Moraine

Western Waukesha WI County

Over the last few decades many scientists have studied the beneficial effects of spending time in the forest. They have found that indeed, there are many “scientifically proven” benefits to spending time in the woods. In Japan in the 1980s a specific term for it was coined – “Shinrin Yoku” – and its practice has become a part of preventive medicine in that country. “Some of the benefits are gained from simply taking time for oneself to slow down, breathe, relax and move in a more deliberately peaceful way, but it is now clear that the phytoncides released by trees also seem to have a directly positive effect on humans, as well.

There is now clinical evidence that spending time in the forest can help with stress, anxiety, grief, depression and many other emotional, mental and even physical ailments.

Time in the forest is beneficial no matter how you do it, and doing a session or series of sessions of guided Yasei Forest Bathing will give you the tools to maximize its positive effects and be able to apply them later by yourself.

“Yasei” means “wild”, and this approach, as championed by Don Elzer and his school in British Columbia, adds the element of collaborative intention with the sentient Life form that a forest is. 

Humans have had a “consumeristic” approach to the other life forms on the planet for a long time, and even the current “wellness” approach to forest bathing can become a type of “Wellness consumerism”, where we go out into nature only thinking of what we are getting from it, and not, instead, realizing that it can become an EXCHANGE, of loving support and intention. As we become aware of and acknowledge that the forest itself is a life form, that the oxygen and phytoncides it produces is a gift for us, we can also become aware of how important it is to bring it respect, gratitude, and understanding.

Rather than simply using it and harvesting what it has to offer us, we can step into understanding that as understanding and respectful humans, who benefit from its gifts and who are devoted to helping others shift their thinking and acting from being mere “consumers” to being, instead, true friends and collaborators, we can help evolve the relationship between humanity and other life forms on our planet Earth … which is in itself a huge Life that we are a part of, and thanks to whom we have a lovely, diverse, and incredibly generous and prosperous home. 

In this way, “Wild” Forest Bathing is about not only our own healing, but about how we can contribute to the healing of others, and of our beautiful Earth, who is showing more and more signs of serious suffering after decades of industrial exploitation of her resources.

We truly can build a new way of relating to ourselves, our planet, to Life itself, and Yasei Shinrin Yoku is one step you can take to enter into this new awareness and new way of becoming a Collaborator. 

 Private Forest Bathing Sessions!

Come be initiated into the beauty and healing energy of the forest in a private session with me. 

If you have little experience in the forest, but would like to gain more confidence so you can enjoy its important benefits on your own or with friends and loved ones, a private session is a great way to get started in understanding how to experience the forest in a way that works for you.

Each one of us has our own particular way of relating to our senses, our bodies as a whole, and the environment around us: during this session we will delve into how you can begin to feel more whole and vitalized, without having to “do” anything that requires particular effort.

And if you are already someone who goes into the woods to hike or spend time, I can help you deepen and enhance your experience, to make it even more healing and … magical! 

 Cleanse your mind, body and emotions of all stress of these last months, and re-set your sights on the life you feel called to create! 

autumn beauty in the kettle moraine forest

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