Counseling and Coaching Services

Through over 3o years of working with others, and her long experience as a self-employed person with her own small business, Martha has developed a broad range of both mainstream and alternative approaches to help others heal their pain and develop their ability to live more expansive, fulfilling lives.

By identifying her clients’ specific needs, aspirations and talents, she can offer a tailored, “whole person” approach that helps her clients work through even the most difficult and painful situations, and develop the new levels of respect and love for self and others needed to create a more deeply fulfilling life. 

This applies also to the career / business and financial spheres, as the ways in which we earn a living and manage our time and our finances have a direct affect on our general wellbeing.

If we are not aligned with our true talents and desires, or have not learned the basic tools of financial literacy (and many people do not learn these tools at home or at school), it can be very difficult to achieve the kind of material comfort and prosperity we need to be able to truly live in harmony with ourselves and others. 

Check out the pages below, which briefly describe the specific types of services that Martha can offer to guide you towards new horizons in your inner life, your relationships with others in both the personal and the professional spheres, your work /career and your relationship with money. 


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