Happy Spring, Everyone!


Ok, my Spring wishes are a little bit late, but still valid, right? I’ve been wanting to get this out for at least two weeks ….. but I have been hard at work putting the last touches on translating the last book for Antonio Mercurio, working on my new website, and of course, first and foremost, doing what is most important in my work and in my life:
being available to help others make sense of their struggles and activate their own Inner Artist, so they can stop bashing themselves or be bashed by perfectionism, judgment, and all kinds of violence, and begin to love themselves and others, and receive love as well.
The Inner Artist is that part of ourselves that is capable of taking our pain and trauma, all our struggles and difficulties, and utilizing them as precious energies to move forward and create something new of ourselves and our lives; you do not have to be an “artist”, in the sense of being actively creative in some art form like music or painting, to have an “inner artist”. 
We all have our Personal Self, that is always there, nudging us, loving us, encouraging us to take the steps we need to take to come into ever deeper and fuller expression of our individual selves; we also have the other aspects of our being, for example our minds and bodies: these various parts of ourselves must be harmonized for us to feel healthy and whole, and this is where the “Artistic I” comes in, that part of our I Person who can make the transformations we need to make to produce harmony and beauty from the cacophony and conflict we often carry within us.
Once we have progressed along in this sense we can then learn to work together with others in ways that honor the individuality of each participant, while expressing a “whole” that is greater than the sum of its parts (like in an Orchestra or Choir).
This is not something that happens automatically, however, and that is why we must become aware of, and choose to follow, our Artistic I, which is capable of creating syntheses from opposites, beauty from ugliness, love out of hate, and so on, day after day. It is also important to remember that our growth process is not linear and “perfect”, it is dialectical: we often explore one side, and then the other, before we can make a synthesis that allows us to move forward to new levels of awareness and ability to act more positively in our lives.

It is important to keep in mind that while we “automatically” grow biologically into adulthood, on a psycho – emotional – spiritual level our own commitment and engagement is required to grow into increasing levels of inner integration and creativity. It is also a process that requires the presence of other human beings, of guides and helpers along the way, so we can receive the encouragement and support we need to transform our pain into creative energy, as well as also having a mirror to help us not hide from the more painful aspects of what we might discover about ourselves (because none of us is perfect, and never will be, because Life is not perfect …..  despite how much we hate to admit it!)

The development of the I-Self connection is at the basis of our health and wellbeing, and as we strengthen this dialog within ourselves, it sets the stage for further levels of refinement in our ability to create beauty and love, as individuals, and together with others.

Well now, I was not planning on writing all that out …. but maybe it can be helpful to you to read that, so I guess I’ll leave it!As you can see, I most certainly don’t have all my news “perfect”, or all the various supports I wanted to have ready before I got out my next blog/newsletter, such as my new website …. but, I decided to “walk my talk”, and stop being so darn perfectionistic, and just get this out there to say hello….. 
And I also have a couple questions for you, and a request for your help!
While finishing up my translating of what essentially are the books that will be the foundation of the training courses I will begin offering over the next few months, I have been mulling over what course to start off with. One of my biggest challenges in all of this bringing a new approach to psycho-spiritual development into the English language is to be able to tune into what my friends and followers in the English language might be wanting and needing to explore most, so I can respond to your needs while also providing some new answers that I know can be helpful for you.

I am very much aware of the fact that on an essential level all of us human beings are the same; we are all looking for the same reassurance that we are connected and loved, for solutions to how to live our daily lives and relationships with serenity, fulfillment and purpose, and how to express ourselves so we can feel our lives have meaning. Our various cultures and differences define us in the details, not in the essentials that make us all Human. 

However, there are also aspects of our differences that make it very important to find the right kind of language to transmit certain messages. Having lived in Italy for all those years made it very clear to me how subtle these differences in communication can truly be, and how, when attempting to translate or interpret information, one must be aware of subtle nuances in the cultures of the languages that one is attempting to bridge.

For this reason, I would really appreciate it if you would help me out a moment, and let me know what it is that you are feeling you would most like to explore right now in terms of group activities and topics that you feel would be most helpful to you. 

Can you drop me a line and just let me know:

What is it that you most feel you need right now? What is the area of your life that is causing you the most pain and discomfort, and that you feel you need help with?

How would you like to work on these issues: individually? In small groups? In webinars or on teleconferences?

Please, don’t be shy! I really do want to know, and it would be a great help for me in terms of getting a better pulse of your real needs and desires.

Along these same lines, I would also like your feedback on what topic to use for the Choral Laboratory that I want to offer in May, which will be the first activity that will offer credit for my training program that I intend to fully launch in September.

I have in mind three possibilities in terms of topics I want to address:

Life as a Work of Art (a general introduction to Cosmoartistic Anthropology); 

Don’t be Afraid of your Pain: It is a Motor for a new way of Loving, Living, Feeling and Creating your life; 

The Love-Hate Dance in the Couple Relationship: How to Transform Conflict into Connection and Bring New Meaning to the Word Love.

Please take just a moment and drop me a line to let me know what resonates most with you, both in terms of the kinds of topics that are important for you in general, and with regards to the Laboratory I will be offering in a couple months.

I thank you very, very much for your help – and for your presence in my life!

Stay tuned …. over the next couple weeks I will be share what I have learned from you, and will publish the announcement for the Choral Laboratory, and other projects that will help you get in tune with yourself, and bring out your best to share with the world

Spring is a great time to birth new projects and new levels of awareness and being ….. it will be exciting to share new aspects of the journey with you.

Much love –