What if the tunnel you are in is actually a doorway to a new way of life?

Have you suffered a loss or experienced trauma and find it hard to process it and move on?

Are you stuck in painful, negative thinking, anxiety and/or depression, relationships or behaviors that make you feel powerless and trapped?


Or perhaps you are just feeling unclear about your direction, are waiting for a light to emerge at the end of the tunnel.. and are tired of waiting….


LifeArt consulting with Martha S. Bache-Wiig is a holistic, existential counseling and coaching approach that helps you develop the skills you need to learn to process and transform your trauma into a new ability to create the life you are here to live.

Through a variety of tools grounded in clinical and depth psychology and  avant-garde approaches like Systemic Family Constellations, you will gain a deeper understanding of what you need to blossom and thrive as the Person – capable of freely and responsibly loving yourself, loving others and receiving love – you are meant to be.

Martha’s deep natural sensitivity and empathy, her advanced education and training, and decades of work with clients allow her to help you get to the root of your pressing issues and begin to move towards solutions in a gentle, yet focused, way. 

Martha S. Bache-Wiig

What if……

instead of being “stuck”,

flawed, damaged, or the victim of an unjust universe,

you were actually in a process of

birthing a new you?

I came to Martha at a very difficult and dark time in my life. I knew I wanted to chart a new path in my life’s journey, but just didn’t know how to do that. Martha has given me tools to make my life better along with exercises that changed my life forever. I discovered the passions that lived inside of me for a long time and have now begun to bring them into existence.  She has helped me access a world that I once thought was inaccessible.  The journey with her has been amazing.

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Individual Sessions

One on one sessions, in person or via phone or teleconferencing, will help you develop the tools you need to begin to heal your wounds and step into the full, engaging life you are longing for.

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Couples, Families and Work Groups

Relationships of all kinds are important, and can be really confusing. We often end up repeating painful patterns that are hard to shift out of. Getting help to gain new insights and tools to build better relationships can make a huge difference in how you feel about yourself and your loved ones. It is an investment that can benefit you and others now, and for the rest of your life.

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Groups, Workshops, Classes

Group work, workshops and classes offer a safe and energizing environment where you can share and potentiate your growth with others. We are here to learn and grow together!

Painting by Martha Bache-Wiig

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Your trauma, struggles and pain can become rocket fuel to propel you into new beauty, wisdom, freedom, truth and love for yourself and for others. One small step today will be the start of an amazing journey towards your new life!