I affirm that Life is my Mother and the Universe is my Father, and that with their immense love for me I can become capable of separating from my biological parents, with grateful forgiveness and love.

I affirm that Life is powerful, but it is neither omnipotent nor perfect, and as such, I accept it with all my heart and all my strength.

I affirm that Life and the Universe are the creators of everything living and not living on Earth and in the entire Cosmos.

I affirm that everything that is organic and inorganic in this Universe forms a single living organism, and that every human being is a precious component of this living organism.

I affirm that human life is continually evolving, as is the universe that it is a part of, and its essential purpose is to develop the emergent properties in this universe: the creation of a form of life that is immortal beyond this universe’s space-time.

I affirm that a mortal life, such as a human one, can create a form of immortal life if it creates Secondary Beauty¸ as described by Cosmo-Art.

I affirm that my desire for immortality within myself is the same goal that Life has, and that if I become a co-creator with Life, we can reach this goal. I am convinced that pain is one of the cosmic forces that human beings can use, along with wisdom and art, to create secondary beauty, which is the result of a fusion of cosmic and human forces.

I am convinced that pain is like death. In nature, death encounters life to create new forms of life that are also mortal, while pain encounters human life to incite us to create a new form of life that is now immortal. By doing so we realize the deepest desire of Life in this universe, which is immortality.

I affirm, along with the great poet Homer, that those who manage to create a fusion between an I and a You create the beauty of glorious concordance. This is what Ulysses did with Penelope.

I affirm that those who realize a fusion between their own I and their SELF become One with the Cosmos, and this is what Ulysses (the I ) did by always listening carefully to the goddess Athena’s advice (the SELF).

I affirm that just as Ulysses won over his monsters and poisons, I can also win over my own internal monsters and my own poisons. By doing so, I can make my life a work of art, that is a fusion of truth, love, freedom and beauty, without, however, demanding that this happens overnight.

I believe that the moral perfection the great religions have proposed is only one step in human evolution, and that it is not an end in itself but is finalized to humanity’s next evolutionary step: to transform oneself into an artist of one’s life and of the life of the Universe.

Any life begins and ends, but a life that creates a form of immortal life such as secondary beauty overcomes every beginning and ending and transforms the continual flow of life and death into a form of life that never ends, and no longer must die.

Artists create immortal works of life within the space-time of this universe. They are the first ones to have created an immortal soul and to have infused a mortal, material medium with it. Cosmo-Art is a continuation of the path opened up by artists, so human life can create an immortal soul and infuse this mortal universe with it.

Cosmo-artists create works of art that have a soul that is immortal even beyond the space-time of this universe. In this way, after death they can navigate forever from one universe to the next.

I affirm that if those of us who follow Cosmo-Art can unite in a pact to create Secondary Beauty, we can create a Group SELF that goes beyond the narcissism of those who want only their own well-being, whether it be spiritual or physical, and we can accomplish a goal that is not only individual, but is Cosmic.

I thus affirm that friendship is a value that those of us who aspire to a cosmic goal must loyally cultivate: a cosmo-artistic friendship that we are sealing with this pact. It is a friendship based on our decision to help each other fight our poisons, and make the internal transformations we must make in our daily lives.

Today is a new day and I choose love and I choose beauty.

Love that is a fusion of truth, freedom and the love force.

Beauty that is a fusion of opposites and a fusion of pain, wisdom and art”.


Whoever adheres to this pact can find peace, joy and happiness, today, tomorrow and forever.

Strengthened by these convictions and affirmations, those of us who are part of the Cosmo-Art movement hereby commit to cultivating our adherence to the Pact for Beauty, and every morning, in complete freedom, we will renew our vow.