Become an Artist of your Life

Transform your trauma and pain into new beauty, wisdom, freedom, truth and love for yourself and for others. 

If you are struggling with:

  • anxiety and/or depression;
  • needing to make important life changes, but are not sure exactly how to proceed;
  • low self esteem, excessive feelings of shame and guilt;
  • problems with addictions and compulsions;
  • the adoption process – as a member of any part of the adoption triage: biological parent, adoptive child, adoptive parent – and are wanting to find new ways of handling these struggles;
  • creating and maintaining harmonious and healthy relationships;
  • trusting that life is good and safe, and knowing that you have a special place and a special gift to bring to the world ……

 And really want to:

  • gain more peace, serenity and a sense of deep purpose within yourself and your relationships;
  • find relief from old patterns of thinking, acting and feeling that make it hard for you to move forward in positive ways in your life;
  • feel better so you can enjoy your life and share it with others in fulfilling;
  • learn new tools and information to help you nurture and care for your whole self;
  • break through your conditioning so you can get clear on what your dreams and aspirations are and receive the support and information you need to achieve them;
  • find natural solutions to your pain rather than ones that over medicalize and pathologize it.

I can help. I am a Counselor – Trainer in Existential Personalistic Anthropology and a trauma informed Relationship Coach with over 15 years experience practiced in multicultural and international contexts.

Journey with me and learn to become an Artist of your life – capable of transforming even the most difficult situations and painful experiences into motors for new growth and creativity.

I can guide you in your process to develop the kind of inner and outer freedom you need to feel that you are living your life to its highest potential, and contributing to the wellbeing of others around you as well.

Martha S. Bache-Wiig

Individual Sessions

Whether face to face or via phone or teleconference, individual sessions are a special “space” where you can gain clarity while nurturing your soul.


Choral group work is a special kind of “laboratory” that generates the energy and support you need to make important changes and grow towards ever greater confidence and creativity in every aspect of your life.


Classes and Training in Existential Personalistic Anthropology and Cosmoartistic Anthropology open to all those wanting to heal their pain and improve and deepen their own lives and their relationships with others.

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Stop being a Victim of your past, your pain, or other people ..... become an Artist of your life!