I know that most of you have already forgotten about the fact that the new year began just three weeks ago, but I am still pondering on it, and I recently returned from a 5 day retreat, where I spent time in silence and nature to allow myself the space I needed to begin to envision what I want to bring into my life during the year ahead.

I received the great photo above from a service I am subscribed to (deathtothestockphoto.com and no, I am not an affiliate or something, it just feels right to share their name since they offer these great free photos), and it sparked an association: whenever we decide to push ourselves a bit, and step out of our comfort zones to grow, we are indeed walking out on thin ice! And it is both scary, and kind of exhilarating ….. and, once you have crossed it, you are so glad to have accomplished something new and challenging!

I can’t help but wish that for everyone, myself included: not to hurt ourselves, of course, not to just be daring and careless, but in the sense of trying new things, of having the courage to open our minds and our hearts to ever more beautiful and important goals and dreams for ourselves, our loved ones, human beings everywhere, and life itself!

It takes a lot of courage to break old habits, step out of our “comfort zones”, begin to bring into our lives the changes we have been dreaming about for as long as we can remember, but seem just out of our reach…

It takes courage …. and, I must add, it also requires that we consider the possibility that we need to find some new allies to help us along the way, people who have either gone before us and so have some important insights, information and experience they can share with us, or who simply can tune into the beauty and the importance of our new visions for ourselves, and support us in our desire to walk towards it. IMG_1947

While it is great to be strong, resourceful and self-reliant, these are traits that can also get us into a lot of trouble, when we don’t allow ourselves to open up to new ideas and forms of support that can help us along our way.

Whether it be learning a new skill or technology, or gaining deeper understanding into how we ourselves tick and what we need to live engaged, meaningful lives, by opening up and finding others who can share their knowledge, wisdom and love with us, we can often make steps towards even our most “impossible” dreams!

And I sincerely, truly believe that this is why we are here: whereas it is important that we learn how to make our lives secure enough so that we can gain an education and experiences of all sorts, and have meaningful work to make sure we are also properly housed, nurtured, clothed, entertained etc., it is also important that we don’t forget to feed and grow our souls by listening to our deepest desires (the Personal SELF), and begin to act on them.

Emanating-Love Suzanne Toro

The whispering desires of your Personal SELF – be they for greater freedom to express yourself in some way, or to develop more meaningful relationships, to create something new and/or beautiful, to start a new business or enterprise, or to simply have more time for yourself – are actually clues to how you can feel truly more aligned with your deeper purpose, and therefore achieve not only greater inner peace and harmony in your own life, but also contribute to the wellbeing of those around you

This is why our development, our ability to love and be loved, to follow our dreams, to cultivate the beauty of the SELF, which in turn reinforces the soul (according to A. Mercurio’s way of thinking, which makes a lot of sense to me), is fundamental, not only to our own health and happiness, but to everyone and everything else that surrounds us.

My sincerest wishes for a 2015 that will be full of new opportunities for you to listen to these inner urgings, and begin to open to finding ways to get the kind of knowledge, love and support you may need to develop them!

I also want to remind everyone that while I am still busy translating, am putting the finishing touches on a new website (where Antonio Mercurio’s books will again be available for free download), and am now engaged in developing my new training program (a first course will be offered in the spring, and the full program will launch in September), I continue to offer counseling and coaching services a few days a week.


If you are wanting to:

– transform conflictual relationships with romantic partners, family members, employers, colleagues etc., into relationships that are healthy and supportive;

– learn new approaches to healing and integrating your past pain and trauma, so you can move forward in your life with greater inner freedom, serenity and creativity;

– find the courage to undertake projects and goals that you have been having a hard time initiating due to feeling insecure, anxious, or simply without enough information and support;

– start a new business or increase your ability to earn in ways that are healthy and balanced for you

– just generally wanting to improve your ability to make good choices and decisions for yourself, that also contribute to the wellbeing of those around you ;

I can help!

I consider myself – as all of us Existential Personalistic/ Cosmoartistic Anthropologists do – someone whose wisdom has been gained not only from the books and classrooms, but has most especially been honed by my own decisions – sometimes just one teeny step at a time – to see my pain and my trauma not as weakness, or sickness, or as proof that I am a powerless victim in a meaningless universe, but as “nudges” to integrate all aspects of myself into an authentic “whole” that can make unique contributions to others and to life itself. 

Greek_Plate_295I have been walking this path for a while, now, and I must say that while I have overcome many obstacles, some that were even life threatening and that seemed insurmountable, I am ever more aware that the true gift is not so much relief from the challenges that life brings before us, but rather an ability to see them as ever more extraordinary opportunities to grow strong, and offer my experience, strength, empathy, love and guidance to others.

If you feel the stirrings of attraction for this type of approach, listen closely, as it might just be the whispering of your deepest Self, of your most profound wisdom that wants you to become fully alive and engaged, capable of loving and being loved and of expressing with ever more joy and conviction the beautiful human being that you are …. !

I can help you achieve this, so if you are feeling the need, or even just the desire, to be well supported and accompanied in your own journey to become ever more the Person you are here to become, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Also, if you know of someone else who is struggling in their lives or their relationships, and could benefit from this approach, please pass on the word! I am hoping to get the word out more this year about both my counseling services and the courses I will be offering, and I appreciate your help in sharing the information with all those whom you think might be interested, or could benefit.

In closing, please again let me express my deepest, most heartfelt wishes for a New Year that can become the year you found the courage and the support you need to make a significant step forward into becoming ever more the You you are wanting to be.

earth and sun 1014x983The world truly needs people who want to learn to authentically love themselves and others, and to bring more beauty into the world; the beauty of art, yes, but even more importantly, the beauty of more deeply satisfying relationships, with ourselves and others.

When we contribute by transforming ourselves, we actually gain access to a level of inner joy, peace and creativity that is obtainable in no other way, and that contributes to the wellbeing of the world around us more than we can ever truly know.

I look forward to seeing you along the way ….. my best, much love to all, and stay tuned for further developments! 


Start out 2015 by writing down your dreams …. even the ones that today seem impossible!